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TexFold  Modules

TexFold Modules are Applied Refractory's Folded Modules - These modules are available "YM" (Yoke type internal hardware" as well as "CM"

( Channel type internal hardware" ) 


TexStack Log

These modules are composed of stack layers of fiber utilizing either several bolt thru attachment points  or by using h  hangars installed on a carbon steel plate. These modules are often used in the Aluminum and Steel industries.


TexStack  Modules

TexStack Modules are Applied Refractory's Stack Edge Grain Modules - These modules are available "YM" (Yoke type internal hardware") as well as "CM"

( Channel type internal hardware" ) 


Bullnose & Special Shapes  Modules

Applied Refractory offers Bullnose, Key, Wedge, Burner, and Peep site modules.

These modules are offered in both our TexStack & TexFold type modules with  any variation of hardware we offer.



Module Information 

Temperature Classification


- 2300F (Ceramic Fiber)

- 2600F (Ceramic Fiber)

-2900F / 3000F (Polycrystalline Alumina Fiber)

8#, 10# , 12#

Sizing Nomenclature

Hardware Alloy 

- 304SS (Standard)




Applied Refractory modules are always called out L x W x T.

L = Length of the module.

W = Width of the module (direction the folds/ stack compress against each other).

T = Thickness of the module lining from cold face to hot face.

Applied refractory has module order forms available to confirm your sizing prior to quoting when applicable to ensure you are getting the correct sizes for your project, contact a sales associate for more information.

Attachment Method

- Weld Stud Assembly W/ Backup Plate

- Stud Weldable Weld Stud

- Bolt Through

- H & U Hangar System

- Shoot & Go Assembly (Tube & Nut for Stud Welder) 

Internal Hardware

Applied Refractory offers two base options for our internal module hardware, our YM (pictured left, is our tried and true cost effective option that we use in our smaller modules, our CM (pictured right) is our offering to the "Channel Module" market, this is our go to in our larger module and in certain locations in furnaces such as roofs where heavy duty anchoring may be needed, this offering is fully customizable and can be used in scenarios where a multi-stud attachment is necessary or specified. 

Both hardware options are offered standard in 304SS and can be manufactured in the above alloys as special order items.

TexStack Log 

TexStack CM 

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